Summit Peak Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy Patient Driven and Patient Centered
 About Us

Summit Peak Physical Therapy has a central focus of educating our patients regarding their specific diagnosis. Patients who are knowledgeable about their diagnosis are more apt to participate in their treatment, thus leading to a more favorable and successful outcome. Our professional staff of physical therapists creates a customized treatment plan, derived from the initial evaluation, to promote optimal healing for our patients. 

Our initial patient evaluations are one hour in length, consisting of a comprehensive examination covering all facets of the specific problem area. Patients will be educated regarding the potential cause of the impairment and anatomy of the area contributing to the impairment, and we will discuss a personalized treatment plan that can be modified with patient progress. In addition, patient-driven goals are set in the treatment plan and constantly monitored to ensure progress. All of our patients are educated in self-treatment, which will enable them to prevent recurring injury and develop habits to maintain their current lifestyle.

We strive to remain abreast of new research in the field of Physical Therapy so we can better treat our patients.